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'The Nu Blu'-Handpans

Our newest material: 'The Nu Blu'

'The Nu Blu' is our newest material. It's nitrided (hardened) steel.
The matrial is well protected against corrosion and impresses with its very warm, earthy tone and balanced overtones. Even with a slightly harder style of playing this material does not sound tinny.
More tunings and videos we will post here in the near future.

Handpan Nr. 1 Co-lliB-ri D-Minor

Nu Blu-Handpan by Baur&Brown
Nu Blu-Handpan by Baur&Brown

Nu Blu-Handpan by Baur&Brown
Baur&Brown Nu Blu-Handpan - Co-lliB-ri D Minor (Tuning)

Stimmung: D moll d-a-bb-c‘-d’-e‘-f‘-g-’a‘
Material: Nitrided steel
Diameter: 55 cm
Height: 27 cm
Weight: 4,3 kg
Price: 1850 € incl. shipping (worldwide)

Handpan Nr. 5 D-Major-Penta/Major

The Nu Blu-Handpan Nr. 5 D-Major-Penta/Major (Tuning)

Tuning: d-f#-a-b-d‘-e-’f#‘-a-d
Material: The Nu Blu
Diameter: 54 cm
Height: 22 cm
Weight: 4,3 kg
1850 € incl. shipping (worldwide)