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Our handpans

Welcome to Baur&Brown Handpans.
We would like to present our Handpans with a choice of four varying materials.

Stainless Steel: Rustproof, offering the player brilliant harmonics with a long-lasting sustain. Particularly suitable for those relaxed, meditative moments.

Dyna Steel: A special hardened steel, soundwise a mixture of our stainless steel and our bluesteel handpans with clear harmonics the individual notes being slightly dryer and percussive sounding with less sustain. This is the classic Handpan sound. The material is rustfree and the tuning extremely stable.

'The Nu Blu': 'The Nu Blu' is a nitrided - hardened - steel. Our handpans made of Nu Blu are also protected against corrosion. They produce an earthy, warm sound and additionally convince with balanced overtones. 'The Nu Blu' has its name for no reason: The blue color of the handpans is typical of this material.

The Bakpac Handpan: The Bakpac is a smaller handpan specially made for travelling. It is smaller and lighter but nonetheless, has a sound which is full and well balanced. At the moment we can offer the Bakpac in blue steel and stainless steel.

Handpans by Baur & Brown