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Hello, welcome to Baur & Brown and also welcome to our latest update.

In normal times handpan enthusiasts can visit one of our workshops in Dortmund and Bremen to try out and discover the one special handpan which is perfect and suitable for their individual needs. Although we do have many demonstration videos in our website (, in facebook (Baur & Brown Handpans) this is in no way comparable to having a handpan on your lap and playing it personally. Due to the present circumstances however, where any physical contact unless absolutely necessary, is to be avoided at all costs, we have been considering ways of getting around this problem and continuing '' business as usual '' as far as this is at the moment possible.

As purchasing a handpan generally requires a large amount of guidance and advice, which we of course very gladly offer, it is possible from today onwards to contact us not only on the phone but also by Videochat, for example, with WhatsApp or Skype where we can not only offer very comprehensive information but also demonstrate the individual handpans.

We are now therefore offering our handpans on a one month trial basis with a full money back guarantee including shipping costs. In this way the handpan can be extensively tested with no obligation to purchase. Apart from this, our production continues as normal and all instruments which have been ordered will be delivered on schedule.

At the moment our workshop in Dortmund is closed for customers. In Bremen it is still possible to arrange an appointment to try out instruments, as long as this is not forbidden.

Tel: 0429531599 53

Skype: 0160 91504333

WhatsApp: 0160 91504333

The handpan workshops and solo lessons with Kristian Vogelberg will also be taking place in the coming weeks using Video Chat.For more information get in touch with Kristian directly.

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Summer time = travel time! Our smaller travel handpan 'Bakpac' is very popular because it weighs less than its big siblings and is easier to stow away. Quite uncomplicated, you can take the Bakpac handpan everywhere.
So far our Bakpac only had 8 notes. Meanwhile, we also manufacture the Bakpac with 7 notes: This shortens our production time and reduces the price. We can offer you the new 7-note Bakpac for the introductory price from 999 €.

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We have a new material from which we make handpans for you: It's called 'The Nu Blu'. This is a nitrided steel, which sounds balanced and earthy warm.
Our normal - slightly cheaper (1850 €) - Steel Handpans we will take out of the program soon. You can order them as long as we have appropriate material in stock. So that we can continue to offer you a handpan for less than 2000 €, there are now all Stainless Steel Handpans, 'The Nu Blu' Handpans and Dyna Steel Handpans for 1850 €.

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