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Informations about Baur&Brown

What is Baur&Brown really about?
Bill Brown, easily one of the most experienced pan tuners in Europe, has been building steel drums and the very popular Caisa since 1986 with great success.
Tim Baur has been building the Cosmicpan Handpan and the Om-Drum for over 5 years.
Both of us have been fascinated by the exploration and the building of musical instruments made of metal – especially the handpan – for years.

Tim Baur & Bill Brown

What happens when two experienced manufacturers throw all their energy, joy and experience into one big pot, or rather wok?
You receive an even better end result.

We are proud to introduce you to our new Baur&Brown Handpan, produced using materials and methods based upon many years of experience.
Our Baur&Brown instruments are celebrated for their well balanced volume and carefully tuned harmonics. We can offer you a multitude of tunings and three different kinds of metal: blue steel in 1mm and 1.2mm thickness, a very special stainless steel alloy and our dyna steel. We also provide a fast and inexpensive retuning and repair service for all our instruments.
Should you wish to purchase a Baur&Brown Handpan, you can send us a message using our order form.

Furthermore we offer a fast and low-cost tuning service for our instruments. Since we're not interested in mass production and want to continue to enjoy the production of our instruments, you will be notified when your instrument is ready to be shipped or collected.
To preserve the high quality of our instruments, we maintain to produce only a limited amount of them.


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Can I try out the Baur&Brown Handpans: Yes, you can!
After a pre arranged appointment you can visit us, try out the instruments on site and of course gladly purchase one.

Hope to see you soon,
Bill & Tim

For further inquiries take a look onto our never asked questions or call us:

North Germany:
Tim Baur
Strahmweg 2
27321 Emtinghausen
Tel. +49 160 91504333
South Germany:
Bill Brown
44149 Dortmund
Tel. +49 172 6092571
Handpans by Baur & Brown